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HR Policies
Does your organization need an updated policy manual?

Why policy manuals are important?

A policy manual provides management and staff with guidance on all aspects of conduct and rules in the workplace.

What to include in your policy manual

The best policy manuals are written in clear, concise language. A great manual should begin with your organization’s mission and vision statement as well as a code of ethics.

How to produce a policy manual for your staff

An effective review of a policy manual is a great way to get employees excited about the document and familiar with its contents. You can start getting them excited by having them be involved in the development of certain policies.

HR Policies

The advantages to having a current policy manual include:

  • Clear and consistent communication,
  • Improved new staff orientation,
  • Documented conduct and performance expectations for all staff,
  • Reassurance that all employees will be treated fairly,
  • Clear framework for dealing with performance issues and complaints,
  • Fair and consistent decision making and administration of policies,
  • Helps to avoid conflict and misunderstanding,
  • Helps to ensure consistency as the organization evolves
HR Policies Manual ,What you want to do for awareness

Once the manual is finalized, lunch and learn sessions can be delivered to review the information in the manual and provide staff with an opportunity to ask questions. You can have weekly policy pop quizzes complete with prizes and bragging rights. Make the information fun and engaging so staff can really relate to it. Just because a document contains the word “policy” doesn’t mean it has to be dry and boring!

We can help you develop a manual that is relevant and meets the labor standards for your organization. You’ll be amazed at how a policy manual helps to increase organizational efficiency and effectiveness!

HR Policies, Why they are important

A well written policy manual is a documented set of guidelines that clearly outline performance expectations, benefits, as well as the rights and obligations of management and staff.

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