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We help Alberta employers
make confident HR decisions.

Better benefits with less cost – because one plan doesn’t fit all.

Be confident in your decisions

With 38 years of experience in Alberta communities, our support means you can be confident in your employee benefits and HR decisions.

Attract and keep better staff

Our team is dedicated to finding creative and custom solutions for your benefits and pension plans. You can attract and keep quality staff with terms and premiums that are competitive.

Spend less time on HR

From stress-free renewals to ongoing HR support, we will take care of the details while being a dedicated resource and counsel when you need us.

Alberta’s municipalities trust us

We work in communities throughout Alberta. With municipalities, municipal districts, local governments and other public sector organizations, we provide the strategic direction and dedicated HR support so they can make the best decisions for their staff.

Our focus is on local communities in Alberta

Because they are the foundation of our province.

Our approach matches your unique governance structure

Our benefits management and HR support are based on maximizing the investment into your staff and keeping budgets on track.

Custom solutions for you, because one plan doesn’t fit all

Just as Edmonton is different than Fort Macleod, your benefits package should be customized to your employees’ needs.

Price is only one factor when deciding on a benefits package

The bottom-line cost of supporting your employees is a factor, but there is room to strategically select terms and premiums that match your goals.

Our expertise applies across the province

We also work with non-profit organizations and firms that need strategic HR support due to more complex governance, regulatory or financial considerations.

Non-profit organizations trust us because we maximize their budget and offer a streamlined approach to ongoing HR assistance.

Alberta businesses trust us because we create competitive benefits packages to attract qualified talent and offer counsel when they need it.

Save time and money with CG Hylton

We take care of the details so you can focus on the important matters. Here are our top services.

Benefits Management

Create group and executive benefits that attract talent and keep your employees happy and healthy. A tax-friendly strategy to improve the health and financial well being of your staff.

HR Support

Get help – when you need it. We are your partners in employee satisfaction, education and training. As on-call HR help, we are there when you need some extra support.

Strategic Compensation and HR Plans

Reduce risk and create opportunities for current and new employees. We can review your compensation structures, update or create new HR policies, or create operational frameworks to manage issues and conflicts.

Ongoing Counsel and Care

CG Hylton is the expert in HR matters that are important to Alberta’s municipalities and communities. We keep up with the latest developments in Alberta that could have an impact on your HR or benefits.

Start with a complementary assessment of your benefits

The low hanging fruit for staff satisfaction and wellness is optimizing your employee benefits. We’ll assess your current package so you can be confident in your terms and premiums.

“We were very pleased with the work done by Chris and his team, both in terms of process and results, and now have a solid salary/wage system that provides appropriate and competitive remuneration to our staff.”

The MD of Bighorn, Martin Buckley

“Chris has a wide range of knowledge and experience in the field of employee benefits. He and his staff have always responded quickly and effectively to all requests.”

Calgary Parking Authority – Wendy Haidey

We focus benefits and HR on your staff

CG Hylton is a team of HR professionals dedicated to nurturing the heart of Alberta communities. Our support for benefits and HR means you can be more confident in your decisions and your staff can be happier and healthier.

Start with a free assessment of your municipality’s employee benefits. We will review your benefits structure and provide the strategy and quotes for any next step.

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