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Experience & Results

36 years of experience means we know what works and what options are available to you to get the best coverage at the best price.

Peace of Mind

Relax knowing a dedicated team is focused on helping you get the best possible terms and premiums so you can worry about other things.

Ongoing Service & Advice

From stress-free renewals to ongoing counsel about the latest developments that can affect you, our team is behind you, handling all the details so you can make the best decisions, every time.

Comprehensive Review & Advice

We find the advantages for you to get the maximum savings along with the best coverage for you and your employees.

Complementary Consultation

We listen to what your needs and concerns are so we can help you get the plan you need at the best possible terms.

Easy Implementation & Ongoing Counsel

We take care of everything. From initial assessment, roll out and training, ongoing service and easy renewals, we handle it all for you.

Real Customer Testimonials

Chris has a wide range of knowledge and experience in the field of employee benefits. He and his staff have...

"I was just reviewing my notes from last week’s HR Management in Ottawa and I felt I needed you to...

"Chris’ presentations are a breath of fresh air in that he uses humor creatively to soften complicated theoretical concepts. In...

Benefits consulting is a broad term that can be applied in many ways.
At CG Hylton, we look at it only one way: getting you and your organization the best possible terms for your group benefits... Read More

Let’s face it, benefits can be a chore at the best of times. Claims, policies and procedures, renewals and unfamiliarity with the industry and its jargon can contribute to needless stress and often times, extra cost that is simply unwarranted.

If you leave your benefits assessments until renewal time, or simply go with the standard terms, you are missing out.  The costs go up every year, and the benefits seem to shrink.  Its a frustrating situation for any manager to be in, and it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are ways to get the same coverage you enjoy now, for far less. In many cases, we often see our clients get a premium refund, while keeping the same coverages in place.  One of our clients received a refund cheque that was over $40,000.  You will see from the first consultation, that CG Hylton puts you and your company first.

By engaging with CG Hylton, we help you identify the best options for you and your company.  Imagine stress free renewals with predictable costs. Imagine receiving a refund cheque in the mail for a portion of the premiums you have already paid simply because you took the time to review and assess what could be better for you and your company.

Best of all, there is zero cost to you to have us review and assess your current benefits structure.  Click on the GET STARTED button below and start saving today.

Best of all, there is zero cost to you to have us review and assess your current benefits structure. Click on the GET STARTED button below and start saving today.
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