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Welcome to the CG Hylton online form submission page. We utilize Adobe Sign for electronic signatures on almost all our forms. Select the button for the form you wish to complete, and it will open on a new page, and will be fillable online. Once you have completed the data entry, you will be asked for your signature and email address to electronically sign the form. Once you submit after signing, an email with a link will be sent to the email address you gave on the form. You must click on that link in the email to verify your email address. Once you complete that step, we will receive your signed form and you will receive a copy on your email address. Thank you for using CG Hylton’s online form submission service. Please note: At this time, all Lytle EAP forms do not work with Adobe Sign. For Lytle EAP forms, you simply click on the button for the form you want to complete, which will download it to your computer. You can fill it out online, but then you must print it, have all parties to the form sign it, and then return it to us via email or fax. Thank you.

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