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Headed into summer, it was evident to employers across Alberta that the economy was changing.  Many companies had already experienced lay-offs and others started looking for ways to operate with leaner budgets.  Since the Alberta economy is still highly influenced by activity in the energy sector, we know that the boom and bust cycle is inevitable.  Still, it is often hard for companies to prepare for bad times during prosperous times.

Now that summer is over and many companies are ramping up for the last quarter, the reality of the Alberta economy is something they must take into consideration when planning staffing, projects, and budgets for the remaining months of 2015.  When faced with an economic downturn, many companies panic and begin to cut jobs, benefits, and perks in an effort to save money and stay afloat.  This strategy can save money over the short term but it isn’t always the most prudent decision for the long term.  There are many ways that organizations can retain their top talent, operate more judiciously, and successfully weather the storm that has gripped the Alberta economy.

Over the past 20 years, Calgary Benefit Consultants, CG Hylton Inc. has helped companies to maximize their efficiency and productivity during lean economic times.  We have a wide variety of cost effective programs, services, and solutions that can help keep companies on course as they try to stay afloat in a recessed economy.  Here are a few of the ways we can help you and your employees!

Benefit Plan Reviews

Are overpaying for your current employee benefit plans?  Are there opportunities for cost savings?  With over 25 years of experience in benefits, CG Hylton Inc. can offer better employee benefit solutions through a comprehensive review of your current benefit plans, pricing, and usage.  With our plan design expertise and tax planning skills, we can work with your benefits provider to create a more cost effective package that meets the needs of your employees.

Employee Assistance Plans

Employee Assistance Plans (EAP) can be a critical component in maximizing employee engagement during uncertain economic times.  Across Alberta, many employees are worried about their jobs or have family members that have been affected by the recent downturn.  We can set up extremely affordable and confidential Alberta EAP services so that employees have a place to talk about their fears and develop tools and skills to maximize their resiliency.  Many studies have shown that these types of services deliver a healthy return on investment during tough economic times. 

Coaching and Workshops

Now is a great time to invest in customized coaching and workshops to help your organization come together as a team.  We have a catalogue of sessions that we can tailor to address the unique needs and challenges in your organization.  Our workshops are fun, memorable, and effective.  Here are just a few of the highly rated workshops we can deliver:

  • Team Building,
  • Employee Engagement,
  • Mental Health in the Workplace,
  • Minimizing Workplace Absenteeism,
  • Performance Management,
  • Stress Management,
  • Comprehensive Community Planning and Budgeting for the 5 Year Funding Cycle, and
  • Effective Grant and Proposal Writing.


Compensation Reviews

Did you know that compensation rates can be affected by a significant change in the local or industry economy?  Employers forget that salaries for non-union positions can be adjusted up AND down.  While many employees might feel temporarily disheartened by a decrease in salary, in can be a better choice than being laid off.  We have a proven track record of using salary surveys to help companies ensure their compensation strategies are fair and consistent with current industry standards.  This can be a great tool to help save money and retain talent.

CG Hylton Inc. cares deeply about the needs of companies and their employees.  We know that you can’t have one without the other!  That’s why all our services and designed to meet the needs of both.  Contact us today for a free, no-obligation chat and find out how we benefit you.


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