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President/CEO – HR, Benefit Consultant

Chris has been a Consultant in Alberta since 1981, and has extensive experience in the management of change processes as they impact human resource, employee benefits, and pensions. With both HR and Benefits, he has a unique perspective on how to make improvements in the workplace. He is also pleased to be a busy community volunteer.

With a small permanent staff and network of Associates, Hylton is pleased to consult on a variety of HR and benefit matters for organizations and unions. Assignments have included reviewing the HR and benefit practices at a municipal organization, and review of the compensation practices of large employers, and an employee satisfaction survey for a not for profit organization.

Whether the focus is fostering change or improving service, the results produced have achieved the desired goals. Chris has been particularly successful in modifying programs to make them more effective. Using tools such as focus groups and customer service surveys, changes have been positive and valued.

Chris has pioneered pilot programs designed to provide compensation and benefits programs to employees in a variety of industries.

Chris has a long record of community service and has served as trustee of the Bethany Care Society, and the Local Authorities Pension Board, which provides pension benefits to the majority of public sector employees in the province of Alberta. In addition he has been active with the following:

  • Aboriginal Friendship Centre, Committee Member
  • EASNA, EAPA, and CEAPA Board Member
  • Calgary International Film Festival, Volunteer
  • Microcredit program for Foundation for Women in Liberia

Chris is a graduate of Queen’s and Laval Universities, with degrees in Political Science. He is a contributor to the Calgary Human Resource Association’s Perspective magazine, and has been a speaker and contributor to local and national print, and electronic media.

He appeared on CBC PrimeTime News as a panelist, discussing the funding arrangements of the Canada Pension Plan.


Lisa Peckham,


Lisa brings a broad range of expertise to CG Hylton. Not only does Lisa have extensive bookkeeping and accounting, but is very adept at conducting HR reviews, revising benefit plans, and loves doing workshops! Lisa is quick to get to the heart of organizational issues, and provide innovative solutions.

She works closely with clients in the areas of benefits administration, salary surveys, and employee assistance plans to ensure your requests are looked after promptly. She is familiar with the keys to organizational success and has recently completed the working of the admin and payroll system for a variety of organizations.

Lisa is very good at interviewing members, and rapidly gains their trust. Lisa’s friendly, outgoing, and ready & willing style can help you meet the needs of your members and staff.


Kevin Bates,

Insurance Agent/Specialist

Having seen first hand the severe consequences of being improperly insured, Kevin finds great pleasure in assisting individuals and families to solve these needs. With a background in Finance and IT, accompanied with considerable experience in the Insurance industry, Kevin is proud to present innovative Life and Living Benefits insurance options.

With a passion for the stock market and with the dot-com boom allowing for online investing, focus has been on the investment industry since the year 2000. In 2007, a decision was made to become a Financial Coach, implementing products and strategies from both the Investment and Insurance industries.

Kevin believes that the Financial Services industry is a very competitive market and that educating clients is the number one priority. Great pride is taken knowing that the proper products and services have been put in place to ensure that your assets are protected, your tax obligations have been minimized, and that there is both wealth preservation and generation. Financial planning strategies are diverse and vary for everyone, both individuals and businesses. The goal is always to get you positioned properly in the present day and started on a plan to get you where you want to be in the future.

Other passions and interests include, sports, fitness and nutrition, traveling, reading, learning, and trying to find a way to spend less time on the Internet. Kevin is thrilled to be a part of the team at CG Hylton and is most excited about their unique business model, one that truly has the client’s best interest in mind.


Carrie Holte,


Carrie brings a broad range of expertise to CG Hylton. She works closely with staff in the areas of benefits administration, salary surveys, and employee assistance plans to ensure office responsibilities are looked after promptly. She is familiar space with the keys to organizational success based on strong administration skills. Carrie an Alberta gal was born in Wainwright and grew up around the Central Alberta area having graduated from Salisbury Composite High School in Sherwood Park, and then Lakeland College in Vermilion, where she received certification in Animal Health Technology and a degree in Agriculture. Her interests include Genealogy and has proudly traced her roots back to the year 1250 in Norway. She also enjoys playing the piano and camping and fishing in the mountains with her family. She was a volunteer for Scouts Canada for 6 years and now spends a great deal of her time at the local hockey rink watching her son play for Shaw Meadows Bantam team.


Adriane Whitney

Consultant/Policy Writing

Adriane Whitney is pleased to assist our clients with their freelance HR and Policy writing projects. She has great skill at developing and implementing clearly defined Human Resources policies and procedures. Her writing is designed to improve the efficacy of the organization and the people within.


Sol Castro

Compensation Consultant

Sol is professional, motivated, organized, energetic and results-driven. She has strong analytical and communication skills and is a certified facilitator. Along with her strong negotiation and people skills, she is very adept at conducting compensation and HR reviews. She is pleased to work with organizations to develop sound salary grids and organizational structures.

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