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EAP Alberta (Employee Assistance Plans)

EAP (Employee Assistance Plans), provide emotional support and help employees overcome problems that may negatively impact job satisfaction and productivity. Whether the issue is personal such as substance abuse, stress, family problems, or group.

EAP Alberta Network

Our network of over 130 master’s level Councillors, located in major centers across Canada, can assist. Your employer’s EAP Alberta provides confidential counsellor assistance for you and your family members up to 5 or more one-hour sessions per person per year. Your mental health and that of your family members is important to your employer.

  • EAP Alberta
  • Substance abuse, alcoholism
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Personal / emotional
  • Stress
  • Work
  • Financial
  • Depression
EAP Alberta plan advantages are as follows:
  • You will not be responsible for any costs other than travel if required
  • The program is totally confidential.
  • The addition of EAP Alberta brings your group plan into leader status with other industry employers
  • In addition to mental health counseling, basic financial counseling is also covered.
EAP Alberta Network

Employees or covered dependents simply call Hylton EAP Alberta during normal office hours. After hours please leave your contact information and your request will be dealt with the next business day.

All crisis/trauma situations are handled promptly. Routine requests for EAP Alberta services will be completed the following business day. In the event of an emergency contact your local police or hospital for immediate assistance.

At the first call, callers will be asked for basic information your name, location and phone number. CG Hylton will then contact the agreed upon counsellor(s) and the councellor will call you to schedule the appointment. CG Hylton will contact the caller 10 business days later to ensure that the caller has connected successfully with the desired counsellor. All contact will be totally confidential.

Our cost efficient pay-per-use option meets the needs of both small and large organizations.

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