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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance protects your earned income against the risk that a disability creates a barrier for you or your employee to complete the core functions of their work, either due to injury or sickness. It comes in various forms: sick leave, short-term disability benefits (STD), and long-term disability benefits (LTD), are the most common.

Disability Insurance – Short Term (STD)

Short-term disability insurance provides an income for the early part of a disability, typically 3 or 6 months. Short-term disability insurance coverage is often included as part of an employee benefits package, on an insured basis, or it may be self-insured by the employer. There are pros can cons with both methods.

Disability Insurance – Long Term (LTD)

Long-term disability Insurance, helps replace income for an extended period of time, usually ending after two, or five years or when the disabled person turns 65. Some have long-term disability insurance provided by their employers; others purchase it individually. In many ways this insurance is among the most important.


Disability Insurance through CG Hylton, Providing income protection for employees as well as cost saving management strategies for employers

Are you prepared to live without a monthly income?

Accidents can happen at anytime. Even in low risk safe environments, people get sick and have accidents.

What would you do financially if you were in an accident?

Left unable to earn money and without savings, you could be in financial hot water

Protect your family from against an unexpected loss of income.

Apply for Disability Insurance today.

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