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Health Spending Accounts

 Calgary Health Spending Accounts

Calgary Health Spending Accounts – An affordable choice for businesses just like yours!

Many business owners think that traditional group benefit plans are the only option when it comes to offering employee health benefits. That is simply not the case! Calgary Health Spending Accounts (HSA) provide affordable and flexible coverage for small businesses and their staff. Read on to learn about;

  • How HSA works
  • Who is eligible for HSA
  • The cost
  • The benefits of HSA’s


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Group Benefits

Alberta Group Benefits

Group Benefits – 5 main advantages

Many employers worry that the cost of offering group benefits will be a strain on their bottom line.  In fact, the opposite is true!  Offering group benefits is beneficial for employees and your business bottom line! There are many great advantages to offering group benefits and we are going to start with offering you the 5 main ones. Please read on to get the top 5 and the reasons why they are!

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