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5 ways your EAP can improve employee performance

eap-cartoon-october-2016Employee Assistance plans (EAPs) have long been touted as having a wide variety of positive outcomes for employees and their employers.  For many years, we have hypothesized that EAPs had a positive impact on employee performance and a recent study has shown that what we suspected is true:  EAPs help to improve work-related outcomes.

Many employers continue to believe that the benefits to EAP services extend only as far as the employee who is engaging in services.  With that assumption, it can be very difficult to see the potential return on investment that EAPs offer organizations.

Here are 5 ways that EAPs can improve employee performance and have a positive impact on your workplace.

  1. Decreased absenteeism and presenteeism

Did you know that personal problems can account for up to 125 lost productive hours per employee each year?  Many of these problems can be addressed through EAP services, empowering employees with the tools they need to address these issues.  We all know that stress is one of the leading causes of lost time at work.  An effective EAP can tackle this issue and help employees to remain active and engaged in the workplace.

  1. Improved productivity

Have you ever tried to work when you are tired or distracted by a personal problem?  It probably wasn’t easy, was it?  Now imagine that you had easy access to resources designed specifically to help you address this problem.  Once you dealt with the distraction, it was probably much easier to focus on your work.  That is exactly how EAPs help to improve employee productivity!

  1. Improved employee morale

It is difficult to have good morale in the workplace when people are struggling or dealing with overwhelming stressors.  Employees who are able to access support when dealing with stressors can help to improve workplace morale, instead of contributing to its downfall.

  1. Improved management efficiency

Managers are not always qualified or comfortable offering hands-on support to employees who are struggling with personal issues.  It can be extremely time consuming and is often ineffective.  Employees who access EAP services are more likely to get the qualified assistance they require.  This can free up a significant amount of time and energy for managers, allowing them to lead their team to success.

  1. Improved employee engagement and retention

Employees who are able to utilize EAP services are more likely to be engaged in the workplace and motivated to stay with the same organization for the long term.  Employees feel more connected to an organization that has offered support during a difficult time and see this as an important part of their total compensation package.

Employee Assistance plans are more than just counselling services.  These programs have benefits that extend far beyond the walls of the counsellor’s office and have a multi-faceted positive impact on the workplace.  To learn more about our cost-effective EAP plans, contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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